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Kazuhisa Higuma

Born in tokyo, Japan in 1959.
Worked for Japanese advertising and design production Bear’s Inc as a
Representative director/creative director/art director.
In charge of various clients including YAHAHA, HITACHI, SONY, OBAYASHI CORPORATION.

“ Awards ”
asahi NP Advertising Awards. Competition selected
International Poster Triennial in Toyama. Competition selected
Magazine AD Awards. Gold medal (Sony walk-man /small size category )
Nikkei NP Advertising Awards. Obeahs CORPORATION Corporate advertising
Nikkei Industory AD Awards. bronze medal(Hitachi Systems)
and more

1982 PARCO Japan Graphic Awards. Competition selected.
1985 Gold Picture Book Award(kin no ehon soy). Competition selected
2016 Modern Artists Association. Competition selected
2016 Daiithi bijyutu Association. Competition selected
2016 Kanagawa Prefecture Art Exhibition. Competition selected

Held group exhibition in Gallery LE DECO . shibuya Tokyo,2007
Solo exhibition in Last Chance. Shimokitazawa Tokyo.2010