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12310671_972173329516653_1833458331333630925_n.jpgI have been helping of painting which Takahashi draw, from 2015
He painting mural at the restaurant mainly.
His painting has finished by a strong brush strokes and good traditional motifs In Japanese society.
Higuma is in charge to draw the draft.

Miki Takahashi

Graphic designer / Commercial artist, act in various fields of music, fashion and CI.

Thinks that this occupation makes him meet various people and brand new world as much as he can.
Sets up a company named "Planet" and would like to reach potential market both at home and abroad for himself and his company.

- Broad-based experience in computer and hard copy image processing skills:
Computer animation, Graphic design, HTML design, 3-D modeling, Interactive multimedia, Internet home page, Web page graphics, Production graphics, Book layout-
Software skills:
Micromedia Director, Visual Basic, HyperCard, Core1DRAW!, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop, Photostyler, Lumena, Imageworks XV,PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Power Point, Persuation, Alias, netScape, Mosaic, StrataStudioPro,Infini-D, Crystal 3-D.